I was born in Savannah, GA and lived in the Lowcountry until 1970 then moved to Atlanta, GA.  Lived in Atlanta for 30 plus years, traveled the US working in the insurance industry and moved back to the Lowcountry in 2006.  It wasn’t until 2015 that I retired AND…..

Painting emerged in my life. Since that time, I have explored different styles of painting, mediums and textures.  Picasso is an inspiration in my artwork not only because of his style painting but also the colors he used.

"Mixed Acrylic" is my medium which is enhanced by various textures.  Texture adds depth and character to art. The textures of choice could be eggshells, coffee grounds, sand, grits or even poultry grit.  So, texture is a must and is usually found somewhere in each painting.

“Modern Impressions” is how I refer to my style of painting.  It consists of a variety of  eclectic artwork including cubism, coastal, jazz, abstract, contemporary and modern.  Early in my career, I was inspired by flowers, mainly poppies and magnolias. So there is a collection of artwork referred to as Pate’s garden on this website.

Commissioned artwork is something we, as artists, appreciate.  It is quite an honor to be asked to paint something specific for a customer.  It has been my pleasure to paint several commissioned pieces during the last few years.   

Contact Email Address:  artsyart47@gmail.com